The Most Popular 2017 Home Decor Trends

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Most popular home decor trends of 2017 | If you are planning to do some decorating this year and are looking for some inspiration, this list of the current home decor trends will give you some idea of what is new and popular for interiors in 2017.

Based on the response I had to last week’s post on 2017 paint color trends (which you can find HERE), it seems that everyone is looking for some decorating inspiration for the upcoming year! So this week I decided to take a look at the most popular 2017 home decor trends.

When I go to look for home decor ideas, the first place I always look is Pinterest.  So what better place to get an idea of the upcoming trends than the annual Pinterest 100 report? Their team runs analysis on the most popular pin topics (especially ones that are trending towards the end of the year) and then makes some trend predictions for the next year based on what they find.  (You can see their “top 100” board HERE.)

As with paint color choices, I don’t think you should adopt a trend just because it’s trending.  But if you see something in these trends that you really love, you should be able to find lots of products and ideas that will help you implement it.  (This year must be my year to decorate!  Not only is there lots of color to choose from, but a lot of the home decor trends are right up my alley, too.)

Click Next to see my interpretation of the most popular home decor trends of 2017 (based on Pinterest’s analysis).

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  1. Aunty Elaine

    Good post. Also liked the color trends post. Interestingly, I have chosen several of the colours for my apt and am loving them.

    • Thanks, Aunt Elaine! Sounds like you are ahead of the trends :)

  2. Never heard of “Hygge” thanks for sharing and the idea behind it is really great. Great post.

    • Wanda

      I had not heard of Hygge until recently either, and I love the concept of it, too! Thanks for stopping by.

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