How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color

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How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color
How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color

This is the third part of a 3-part series on how to choose colors for decorating.  By now, you should have created your color scheme and picked the fabrics for your room.  If you missed the first two posts on these topics, you can see them here:

Step 1:  How To Choose a Color Scheme in 7 Easy Steps.

Step 2:  Pick the Right Fabrics Every Time.

You will need to have completed the steps in these two posts before picking your paint colors.

Paint comes in so many different colors that you can get virtually any shade you want, which is why it is usually the last color-related choice for a room.  It’s also why so many people have such a hard time with this step.  Looking at all of those choices, how do you know which slightly-different variation of a color is right for your room?

We’ll show you how.  Click Next to find out how to choose the perfect paint color.

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  1. thank you !!!! I am hoping to be paint shopping soon!!

    • You’re welcome, Antonia! Hope you can find the perfect color :)

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