12 Compact Shade Plants

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12 Compact Shade Plants | 12 Compact Shade Plants | Have a shady spot where you want to put some plants but not sure what will grow there? This post will give you 12 different options for compact plants that will grow in the shade.
12 Compact Shade Plants

Compact shade plants that can be planted under taller plants add interesting layers to your garden and help to keep the weeds down. Although there are some plants that bloom brilliantly in the shade, most rely more on foliage and color variations rather than flowers to create interest. I find that dense planting of shade tolerant perennials requires very little maintenance and minimal weeding, as long as they are adequately watered. I also amend the soil with compost and triple mix prior to planting and use a thick layer of mulch to retain moisture and restore nutrients.

Here are some of my favorite compact shade plants that grow to be less than 18” high, and are excellent ground covers.

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  1. DGK

    Heuchera is my favorite shade plant and it is a native PA plant. I have all colors and blooms all summer.

    • Wanda

      I didn’t realize Heuchera was a native plant. That makes it even better :) Thanks for the information!

  2. I really like all of your articles. I have tried all the plants you recommended and most of them have done really well in a place I thought was too shady for anything to grow. Thanks so much.

    • Wanda

      Thanks, Dawn! I’m happy the plants worked out for you!

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