How To Convert A Hardwire Fixture To A Plug In Pendant

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How To Convert a Hardwire Fixture To a Plug In Pendant
How To Convert a Hardwire Fixture To a Plug In Pendant

Every once in a while, I am looking for a pendant light and I find the perfect one…only to realize that it is supposed to be hard-wired and I want to be able to plug it in to an outlet.  I used to continue my search trying to find the perfect plug-able pendant light until I learned this trick…and it is so easy, you don’t need to be an electrician to make it happen.

Want to see the bedroom where this pendant was used?  Click here to go to the post.

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  1. flora

    And to think I paid the lighting store to make the conversion! How do you lengthen the cord? Your instructions are very precise. i love the fixture.

    • Wanda

      I have not tried lengthening the cord on any of the ones I have done. I don’t think you would want to join more wire on to the cord that’s already there (especially for a hanging light) since those connections aren’t very secure…if it came apart while the light was on, that could easily cause a fire or shock someone. You could take a look at how the wire is connected to the fixture itself and see if it can be replaced easily. But I usually take the easy way out and make sure the fixtures I buy have long enough cords (or plug it into an extension cord if it’s hidden).

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