Craft Room Organization: 10 Simple Storage Ideas

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Simple Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas | If you're looking for easy ways to organize your crafting supplies on a budget, these DIY storage and organization tips and ideas are perfect.
Simple Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas

I’m not sure how it happens, but despite my best efforts, there always seems to be at least one room in my house that is in serious need of organizing. Last year it was my kitchen (you can see my kitchen organizing projects HERE).  This year it’s my craft room (and garage…but that’s a story for another day).

Okay, maybe I know how it happens…if you don’t have designated spots for things to go that are easy to find and get at, those things end up getting dumped on the countertop or work table.  And pretty soon you end up with a pile of stuff and no space to work.

So that was the goal.  Set up craft room organization and storage solutions that make things easy to access (and put away).  As usual, I like to do these kinds of projects with the least amount of cost and effort possible, so they had to be easy to do, too!

Click Next to the simple craft room organization and storage ideas that worked for me.

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