10 Easy Ways To Decorate With Wallpaper

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10 Easy Ways To Decorate With Wallpaper | If you're looking for some creative DIY wallpaper ideas or ways to use up some leftover bits, this list of easy ways to decorate with wallpaper is perfect!
Easy Ways To Decorate With Wallpaper

Last week I mentioned that I love using mirrors in decorating and that I have at least one in every room (if you missed it, you can read all about decorating with mirrors HERE).

While I was writing that post (and looking around at all of the mirrors I have), I realized that I also have wallpaper in almost every room in my house.

Although I like wallpaper (I think it’s a great way to add color and pattern), it’s not something I would have said was on my “must have” decorating list.  But I suddenly realized that I use it…a lot.

Now when I say that I have a lot of wallpaper, I don’t actually have that many walls covered with wallpaper.  That’s the thing…there are just so many ways to decorate with wallpaper, you don’t have to cover the whole room.  So I use wallpaper in a lot of different ways to get the impact of it without the work of installing it.

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  1. Aunty Elaine

    I need to do my backsplash. Great idea.

    • Thanks, Aunt Elaine! I like that idea, too. Way less work than tiling but you can still get a nice pattern.

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