DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet

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DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet
DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet

Lately, I’ve been working on turning the third bedroom in my house into a “library”. It’s a very small room (10′ x 10′) and it already has the wall of books that helps with the library theme.

Recently, I converted an old TV armoire into a desk that I could use for storing pencils and electronic equipment. If you want to check out the armoire-to-desk project, you can see the post here.

Then I decided to add a “writing desk”. Basically something with a large surface area that I could spread out my books, and yes, notebooks for writing on. I love the “glam industrial” look when it comes to desks (industrial with some sparkly bits!)

Flight desk from | DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet
Flight desk from

I fell in love with this one from Z Gallerie…and when it came on sale, I bit the bullet and bought it (a bit of a splurge!)

It’s a beautiful desk, and it fits in my library perfectly…now all I needed was storage for a few files. I am trying to get to the “paperless office” state (you can see my inspiration for that on, so I didn’t want a big filing cabinet…but there are some papers that you need to keep. And I don’t always get around to scanning things right when they arrive, so this would serve as temporary organization for those papers.

I stumbled across the solution accidentally when I found some really inexpensive file boxes that matched the desk decor exactly! Click next to see what my DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet ended up looking like.

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