DIY Over The Refrigerator Cabinet Organizer

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DIY Over the Fridge Cabinet Organizer (plus a free Organize Your Kitchen workbook) | DIY Over the Fridge Cabinet Organizer (plus a free organize your kitchen workbook) | Want to be able to organize your cookie sheets and trays? And be able to take out your serving plates without pulling down the whole stack? See this post to find out how to make these great organizers.
DIY Over the Fridge Cabinet Organizer

This is part 3 of our DIY kitchen organization series. I am on a mission to get my kitchen organized without spending a lot of time or money, and this is the third step along that journey…to clear the clutter in my large cabinet so that I can get at cookie sheets, cutting boards and serving dishes more easily.

Here’s a recap of the plan (click the links if you want to see one of the other posts):

And now on to this week’s kitchen organization post…click Next to see how to build a DIY over the refrigerator cabinet organizer.

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