5 Easy To Grow Spring Plants

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5 Easy to Grow Spring Plants for Early Spring Flowers
5 Easy to Grow Spring Plants for Early Spring Flowers

There is something about the plants which bloom early in the spring that is near and dear to every gardener’s heart. After looking at brown grass (or lots of snow depending on where you are), the bright colors of these early bloomers mean spring is on its way. As an added bonus, most of these easy to grow spring plants require very little in maintenance other than some pruning to remove dead leaves or branches. And they are all perennials, so you only have to plant them once to have years of spring enjoyment.

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  1. Jody

    I adore the blue flowers and I also like the Easy to Grow Spring Plants that will go in my Spring folder.
    Thank you for putting it all together. Sorry now that when my green thumb mom tried to teach me I wanted to be reading. Now I have no mom to ask.

    • Wanda

      Hi Jody…I have to admit that blue flowers are my favorite, so my garden has more of them than it probably needs…glad you liked them (and the spring plants).

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