How and Where To Grow Clematis

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How and Where to Grow Clematis | Clematis is a very versatile and easy to grow vine with so many redeeming qualities that it should be on every gardener's favorite perennials list. Open this post to learn more about how to grow this beautiful vine.
How and Where to Grow Clematis

Clematis is a very versatile and easy to grow vine.  It has so many redeeming qualities that I think should be a part of every garden (which is why clematis is on my favorite perennials list).

It comes in many colors, sizes and bloom times.  There are varieties with large flowers, small flowers, single or double petals, bell shaped or tubular blooms.  Some varieties will only grow to be 2 – 3 feet tall, while others can cover the side of a garage.

With all of these options, you should have no problems finding at least one that will fit in your garden.

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6 Responses

  1. Sharon

    What is the length of time for the blooms?

    • Wanda

      Hi Sharon…the bloom time varies quite a bit depending on the variety, but most of them bloom for 3 to 4 weeks. I also find a lot of them last longer when it’s not too hot, so some of it will depend on where you live.

  2. sherry napier

    Where can I order the Bell of woking clematis. I got one and now know one has them, I just love the flowers.

  3. Brenda Harrington

    I also live in South Carolina, Summerville to be exact, the clematis I have is group 2, I think, it blooms on old wood but very sparse, and then I get new branches coming up too, I’m so confused, a neighbor down the street told me not to prune at all, I have mulch around the roots to keep it cool, and the top is in some light morning sun and late evening sun but it looks so pathetic, I’m from Alaska where we can’t grow them at all because of the short summers, it has new sprouts popping out just about year round, and then we get cold again and they die off, but as soon as we have unusual warm Temps they sprout leaves but no flowers, help please if you can I’m confused.

    • Hi Brenda…In my area (Greenville), I find Clematis blooms really well in the spring and the fall (and often the same plant will bloom twice). But most of them look really pathetic in the summer…I think it’s just too hot. Since yours is blooming on old wood, youor neighbor’s suggestion of not pruning it could also help (to be honest, I rarely prune any of my Clematis unless they are growing somewhere I don’t want them). You can also try sprinkling compost, organic rose fertilizer, bone meal or alfalfa pellets (ie. rabbit or deer food) around the bottom of it. General fertilizers (like Miracle Gro or Osmocote) have too much Nitrogen, which produces a lot of leaves but not flowers so I wouldn’t use those. Clematis are so beautiful when they are blooming…I hope this works!

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