5 Easy Halloween Cupcakes (For The Non-Baker)

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5 Easy Halloween Cupcakes (for the non-baker)
5 Easy Halloween Cupcakes (for the non-baker)

For my annual Halloween party, I like to have at least one dessert that acts as both decor and dessert. My problem is that I am not a talented baker. So I usually go through the cycle of finding a really great looking dessert on Pinterest, trying to make the dessert the correct way, completely failing at it, and then having to come up with a simplified version that I can do. It usually isn’t quite as attractive as the original, but still gets the job done for my party :)

I thought I would share some of the dessert disaster recoveries that I have come up with, in case anyone else is in the same baking class that I am.

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  1. James Blonde


    Where did you get the moulds?



    • Wanda

      Hi James…I ordered them from eBay. Do a search for “Phantom of the Opera chocolate mold” and they should come up.

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