How To Decorate Pegboard

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How To Decorate Pegboard
How To Decorate Pegboard

Pegboards are great organizational tools for everything from tools and gardening supplies to sewing and home office supplies.  They can be cut into any shape and size to fit the location where you need them.  The only issue with them (especially if you are planning to use one inside) is that they aren’t very pretty to look at.  Wallpaper is my favorite way to decorate pegboard.  It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and is very easy to install (even easier and less time than paint!).  Click Next to see the steps for how to decorate pegboard.

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4 Responses

  1. flora

    What a creative idea for organization of the bits one needs conveniently handy. Where did you find the wire baskets? I like the ‘can’ and ‘plastic container’ innovation.

    • Wanda

      Thanks! I bought the wire baskets from Home Depot, but you can also get them online. I will add them to the product list…

  2. Margaret Kilbourne

    I bought a piece painted it red and hung it on my empty wall space. I use it to hang my pots and pans

    • Hi Margaret…That sounds very cheerful and also a great way to make pegboard look better :) Thanks for sharing!

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