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How To Make Your House Look Haunted

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Planning on having a Halloween party this year? Or want to create a spooky Halloween haunted house? Learn how to make your house look haunted.


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  Every year I have a Halloween party where the entire inside of my house is transformed into something that is not recognizable as being my house! And it looks so real that I have actually had people ask what parts are “real” and what is there only for Halloween :)

There are a lot of easy ways (and some not so easy ways) to make your house look haunted.

In all cases, I find that staging things in a way that seems “real” has the most impact.

Sit skeletons at the table, place dead roses in a vase where you would normally have live ones, replace your family portrait pictures with Halloween portraits, or sit a plastic rat on the tub surround in the bathroom…that way you get the element of surprise, when your guests realize that things have changed!

Keep reading to find out more about how to make your house look haunted.

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2 Responses

  1. Pat Johnson
    | Reply

    LOVE the candelabra with orange voitives. I do all out also. Last year, papered entrance to look like stone walls. Would love to know where you found this. Can’t find it on internet. Thanks.

    • Wanda
      | Reply

      Hi Pat…Sorry, I have a couple of candelabras with votives so I’m not sure which one you were referring to. If it’s the long one in the second picture with the mirror and the spider webs, it came from Pottery Barn a long time ago…unfortunately I don’t think it is still available. If you’re thinking about the candle tree with the raven in it, you can get those HERE. Or if I completely missed the mark and you meant something totally different, just let me know and hopefully I can help :)

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