How To Wallpaper The Ceiling (The Easy Way)

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How To Wallpaper The Ceiling (the easy way) | Step-by-step instructions for how to wallpaper the ceiling (the easy way!) that will simplify the process and enhance your room.
How To Wallpaper The Ceiling (the easy way)

Wallpaper implies by its name that it is only meant to be applied to walls and, of course, that is where we usually see it. However, there are embossed and ‘tin look’ wallpapers available that are paint-able and that provide a nice textural interest on the ceiling.

Installation is the challenge! Years ago, when my children were young, my son wrote an essay for his English class entitled,”When your Mother starts wallpapering the ceiling, run away from home.” I have learned a few tricks since then. The most important one being, apply the paste to the ceiling directly. In fact, this is now, how I hang all wall papers. There is no messy water tray, the paper goes on smoothly, and matching patterns is easier. So don’t be daunted!

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to take down the wallpaper later, click here to read our post on installing wallpaper so that it can be removed.

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