How To Plant Fall Bulbs For The Best Spring Flowers

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How to plant fall bulbs for the best spring flowers
How to plant fall bulbs for the best spring flowers

Usually this time of year, I’m a little tired of gardening and am ready to pack up my shovels for the winter.

Tulips – Double Peony Blend via*

Then I see some really pretty bulbs in a catalog and just have to have them.  And spend the next 3 or 4 weeks procrastinating because I don’t feel like planting them. Eventually, it gets cold enough that if I don’t get them in the ground NOW, they won’t grow, and I finally get around to doing it.

Anemone coronaria via*

But then in the spring, I’m so happy I did!  Many of the bulbs are the first flowers to bloom, and they are a great way to welcome in spring.

Keep reading to find out how to plant fall bulbs.

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