Room Design Ideas: 7 Easy Ways To Decorate Like a Design Pro

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Room Design Ideas: 7 easy ways to decorate like a design pro | I have used these easy and inexpensive home decorating ideas many times to create rooms that look like a designer decorated them. They are perfect if you are on a budget but still want elegant interior design.
Room Design Ideas – 7 easy ways to decorate like a design pro

When a designer comes up with room design ideas, they are usually trying to create a one-of-a-kind space that (hopefully) suits the personality of the owner. To decorate like a design pro, those two ideas (“one of a kind’ and “suits your personality”) are the key!  And who would know your personality better than you?

By now, I have made over all of the rooms in my builder grade house (it came with ZERO personality)…and I have to admit I’ve done some of them more than once. (If you missed them, you can find all of the room makeovers HERE).

Along the way, I have found there are some room design ideas which make it easy to create that one-of-a-kind, unique-to-you feeling…and I do them in almost every room!

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