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Shade Perennials To Plant With Spring Bulbs

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Shade Perennials to plant with Spring Bulbs | Planting bulbs in your garden is a great way to ensure lots of blooms when spring rolls around. These shade perennials create great combinations for beautiful landscaping and also help to hide the bulb leaves after the flowers are finished.
Shade Perennials to plant with Spring Bulbs

Now that the winter solstice is behind us and the days are getting longer, I am starting to think about my Spring garden — specifically the new beds bordering my new deck (which you can see HERE).

Last fall I planned for a riot of spring bloom in those beds by planting a myriad of tulips, iris reticulata, daffodils, and alliums in shades of blue, purple, purple-black, pink and white. Because there is limited sunlight on the deck after the bushes leaf out, I chose (with the exception of the alliums) early to mid-season blooming varieties.  Now I am thinking about shade perennials to plant with spring bulbs that will in the spaces and camouflage the bulbs’ foliage after their blooms are spent.

In the spring, you can identify where to plant the perennials as soon as the bulb growth peeks through the surface of the soil. By purchasing small sized plants and plugs that can be easily inserted around and between the bulb shoots, it will also be less expensive — always a consideration!

Since I’m planting so close to the deck (and my back door), I also try to include aromatic plants. That way I can smell the beautiful scent when I’m sitting out there.

The following are my reliable familiar choices, as well as a few  “new in 2017” introductions that I plan to try for the first time. (I am a plant junkie and can’t wait to try the new cultivars!)

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