DIY Under Cabinet Cookbook or iPad Shelf

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DIY Under Cabinet Cookbook or iPad Shelf (plus a free organize your kitchen workbook) | Always looking for somewhere to put your cookbook or iPad while you're cooking? See how to make your own DIY under cabinet cookbook or iPad shelf.
DIY Under Cabinet Cookbook or iPad Shelf

This week’s kitchen organization project is one step closer to getting clutter off the counter…by moving the cookbook to an under cabinet pull-down shelf.

My previous cookbook stand took up too much space on the counter | DIY Under Cabinet Cookbook or iPad Shelf (plus a free organize your kitchen workbook)
My previous cookbook stand took up too much space on the counter

Since I am always trying new recipes, I often have a cookbook (or iPad) on the countertop while I’m cooking. I had even bought a cookbook stand at one point…which is useful because it keeps the book open at the right page. However, since I don’t have a lot of countertop space, that means less room for actually cooking. So I needed a cookbook holder that was in an easy to view location but was still out of the way, and could be put away completely when I needed to a higher cooking space.

I looked at buying a pull down cookbook holder* like this one. But I have a lot of cookbooks that are wider and taller than these store-bought shelves hold …so I decided to make my own.

Click Next to get a sneak preview of the DIY Under Cabinet Cookbook or iPad Shelf.

This is part 5 of our DIY kitchen organization series. I am on a mission to get my kitchen organized without spending a lot of time or money, and this is the fifth step along that journey. Hard to believe it’s almost finished!

In case you missed some of the other projects, here’s a recap of the plan (click the links to see the finished projects).

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10 Responses

  1. I have one long counter ending with sinks and a small counter. The microwave sits at the opposite corner on long part. I hung a shelf on the wall by microwave that holds my oil bottles, etc. With large S hooks hold my measting cups, measuring spoons, scissors, and my tupperware small and big strainers. This cookbook holder is just what I need.

    • Hi Jody…I really love my new cookbook holder! It sounds like you have a great spot for it in your kitchen, too. It really wasn’t very hard to make.

  2. Julie

    You’re quite the organizer! Great job! Where did you get the wall-mounted spice rack?

  3. Julie

    Thanks! Looks like a great project to try. Happy spring!

    • Wanda

      Good luck with it! Thanks for stopping by my website :)

  4. Muhaimin Syahabuddin

    Hi. Nice and brilliant project there. Just out of curiosity. Won’t the magnet somehow affect the iPad (or any other tablet/smartphone) if we put them nearby?

    • Wanda

      Hi Muhaimin…I haven’t seen any issues with my iPad. It isn’t right beside the magnet and these magnets aren’t that strong so hopefully the electronics these days are built to withstand this kind of thing :) I googled it and seems like most people say there shouldn’t be any problems.

  5. I love this idea. Very creative.

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