Urban Table Makeover Using Metallic Paint

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Urban Table Makeover Using Metallic Paint
Urban Table Makeover Using Metallic Paint

As I mentioned in last week’s post (on how to make Craftsman Style Mouldings), I have been working on making over my den.  I installed the mouldings and painted it a dark reddish-purple paint color.  I also switched out the too-large desk I used to have in there for a library table that was in the living room.  It’s not as long as the desk so it fits in the room better, and folds out so I can use it as a dining table when I have company.  (In my tiny house, there isn’t really space for a true dining room…so my den has to do double-duty).

The table before | Urban table makeover using metallic paint
The table before

The table has a mahogany veneer that was too similar to the wall color so it needed to be painted.  It also needed a little “updating” to make it feel a little more current.

The inspiration nightstand makeover using Fusion Studio Metallics (from lostandfounddecor.com) | Urban desk makeover using metallic paint

The Inspiration – via lostandfounddecor.com

When I read Melanie from lostandfounddecor.com’s night stand makeover, I knew I had my inspiration.

Then I watched Gail Rogers on You Tube describe how to use Cottage Paint’s new metallic product called Urban Paint and I felt confident I knew how to accomplish the result I wanted.

The finished table | Urban table makeover using metallic paint
The finished table

And here’s a sneak peak of the “after”. What do you think? I am more than pleased.

Click Next to find out how to do an Urban Table Makeover using Metallic Paint.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my metallic nightstand post! I think your table looks wonderful as well.

    • Thanks, Melanie! I love your table so much that I think there will be a few more things around here painted with that finish :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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