The Best Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Meal Planner

Looking for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu? Find all of your favorite recipes, plus a printable menu and meal planner so you know exactly when to start cooking. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tradtitional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
Tradtitional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task.

You’re usually cooking for more people than you are used to, and making recipes that you only cook at this time of the year. Which really ups your chances of having a turkey that is under cooked, stuffing that’s too dry, and pumpkin pie that looks more black than brown.

To make sure that you get it all done at the right time with the least amount of stress possible, it helps to have a plan.  Knowing what to make and when to start will help you feel like you’re ready for the challenge.

I also like to make crockpot versions of some of the traditional dishes.  If you’re like me, your oven isn’t big enough to fit all of those roasting dishes and casseroles…and it makes everything so much easier when you can get some of the food ready a little earlier.

Which is why I put together this menu of traditional recipes (some cooked in non-traditional ways), along with a printable meal plan that will help you figure out how to get everything ready on time.

Keep reading to see my traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu, meal plan and recipes.

You can also click HERE to find more tips on pulling off a successful holiday meal without causing yourself too much stress.

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