Gallery Wall Ideas: 22 Creative Ways To Make A Picture Wall

Timeless and stylish, gallery walls are one of the best ways to fill a large space and show off your favorite art pieces. In this list, discover some amazing gallery wall ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

gallery wall ideas

Have you ever made a gallery wall?

If so, you know there’s a lot of thought that has to go into the design.

Do you like a traditional picture wall? A mixture of fun textures and decorative objects? Do you want it to look cohesive with a specific color palette or frame style? Or have all the pictures be of one topic?

There’s tons of different ways you can style them to make them your own.

When it comes to gallery walls, you can really let your imagination take the reins.

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1 | Mixed frames

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Finding a bunch of the same-styled frames in different sizes can make for an exhausting search. And you know what? It totally isn’t necessary! Using mixed frames is an art form all in itself.

Katherine Forbes didn’t buy a single frame for her gallery wall, using frames she already had sitting in a closet.

The secret? Make sure that the edges of the outside frames all line up so the group forms a shape (in this case a square). That way your eye sees them as one big artwork, rather than a bunch of mis-matched little ones.

2 | Floor to ceiling

Do you have a completely blank wall you don’t know what to do with? A gallery wall can take over from top to bottom, no furniture or other decorating necessary.

At What the Fab, they made a cohesive grid to cover the large blank space on their staircase. Walls with a ton of height are ideal for this gallery wall layout.

3 | Picture ledges

If the idea of arranging a gallery wall and hanging it up scares you, a picture ledge may be just the solution for you. By layering photo ledges and filling them with frames, you get the same effect as a gallery wall without needing to figure out a layout.

Liz Marie used 3 layers of picture ledges to showcase family photos. She used the same style of frames for cohesion but changed things up in size and orientation.

4 | Boho gallery wall

Beyond a color pallet, you can go with an overall theme for your gallery wall instead. A boho wall feels lively, bringing in color and texture to the room.

At Lucky Day, they not only use framed images, but many 3D objects to create a cohesive yet dynamic gallery wall.

5 | White frames

Using the same color frames has a very distinct effect. The frames don’t have to be all the same style, such as the wall done by Interiors by Sarah Langtry.

Simply having one colored frame creates a streamlined look. Neutral shades will be the easiest to source, but you can also paint any frames that don’t match the pallet.

Landscape pictures on a wall all with black frames and white mattes

Of course, it doesn’t just work with white. Using all black frames (or any other color for that matter) works just as well.

6 | Small gallery wall

small gallery wall

You don’t have to have a ton of pictures to make a gallery wall.

A few larger sized ones hung together are enough to make a statement.

Pictures layered on top of a fireplace mantel
© –

If you don’t like the idea of hanging pictures on the wall, you can create the same effect by layering them on top of your fireplace mantel.

Varying the heights and sizes while keeping the frames the same makes them look like a cohesive group.

7 | Home office

The home office is usually one of the last places in the house to get any stylish touches. But if you are spending a ton of time in there, wouldn’t you want it to look good? After all, your work environment can seriously affect how well you work.

At the DIY Playbook, their home office gallery wall is half decoration, half function with encouraging words, a bulletin board, and a wire wall hanging for files and books.

8 | Colorful gallery wall

I’m always going to support the choice to go bold. A gallery wall is an easy way to incorporate and play with color in an otherwise neutral room.

When incorporating color, try to repeat them at least 2-3 times on the wall. While all pieces don’t have to include every color, they should at least share similar shades with another piece. Check out how Studio DIY did their gallery wall!

9 | Personal art

Whether you have a little artist at home or a piece from wine and paint night, a gallery wall may be just the place to feature it. Sometimes you don’t want a piece to stand out on its own, but it works beautifully when surrounded by other pieces.

The combination of artwork done by Style by Emily Henderson looks upscale all while using 100% personal artwork.

10 | Bedroom gallery wall

Gold framed drawings above a bed
© –

I love this idea of using glam sketches in gold frames above a pink, white and black bed. The whole color scheme reminds me of Kate Spade.

With an asymmetrical alignment, it is certainly a different take on the traditional gallery wall. But it still works because the type of artwork and the color of the frames are all the same.

11 | Old recipes

Family recipes in light blue painted frames, on a kitchen wall.
by Lynette from

How cool is this idea? If you come from a family of cooks or bakers, you may have a stash of recipes sitting in a cookbook patiently waiting to be made. Why not feature them in your kitchen or dining room?

Lynette at Cleverly Simple created a gallery wall with framed recipes passed down by her grandma and great-grandma. This is a great way to decorate on a budget and with something that comes from the heart.

12 | Family photos

Treasure special moments by hanging them on your gallery wall rather than in a photo album. Showcase photos from trips, special occasions, or any moments that make you smile.

A gallery wall will mean so much more to you if it has a personal story attached. Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us printed family photos for their primary bedroom. She used a grid style and similar frames to tie the photos together.

13 | Thrifted gallery wall

Oil paintings from a thrift store in a gallery style layout on a light green wall.
by Jami from

Have you ever found an absolute steal at the thrift store? Sometimes I find great pieces, but I’m not sure how to style them together. However, the eclectic nature of the thrift store pairs well together for a gallery wall.

Jami at An Oregon Cottage found a ton of second-hand oil paintings to create a themed gallery wall. Inexpensive, easy, and gorgeous!

14 | Farmhouse

Farmhouse style embraces vintage and brings a sense of coziness to a space. While it can be new pieces made to look old or true antiques, it is relatively easy to find pieces that will work for a gallery wall.

What I love about this design from Sarah Joy is that it only features three frames. Everything else is a collection of things she has gathered over the years. You can really think outside of the box!

15 | Monochromatic

There is something so soothing about a monochromatic look. Nothing is fighting for attention. Instead, it blends all together to create one uniform look.

This greyscale gallery look by Lisa Dawson creates a stylish yet cozy living room. The plants and fluffy textures on the wall, rug, and pillow help make the room more lively.

Using all black and white pictures of the same topic (all roads in this case), creates an even more cohesive-looking wall.

16 | Kid’s art

If you have any kiddos in the house (or grandkids that visit), chances are they have quite a few drawings and creations at the ready. Incorporating it in a gallery wall will not only make the room feel joyful, but the kids will feel so proud having their art on display.

Cassie Bustamante decorated her hallway with her kids’ art, and it really helps to brighten up the space.  

17 | Over the stairs

Who says you need a rectangular wall for a gallery? Over the stairs is a perfect way to incorporate a ton of photos and artwork all while playing creatively with the space. Nick and Alicia use their gallery wall to attract the eye as soon as people step into their home.

Since the space is a little irregular, it may be harder to figure out the gallery wall layout. Take your time to play around and finesse with the design before you do any hanging.

18 | Instagram photos

Several small, square framed featuring instagram photos hung on a neutral colored wall.
by Stephanie from

Very few people print their photos anymore, instead choosing to share them online via Instagram or Facebook. So, if you’re looking for prints for your wall, why not turn there first? After all, it already has all your favorite highlights!

Most uniform looks will use rectangular frames, but why not go for squares instead? I love this Instagram gallery wall by Stephanie at Clickin Moms.

19 | Mixed media

Don’t be afraid to get a little eclectic with your gallery wall ideas. I encourage you to try and incorporate something out of the ordinary in your design. If you think it won’t work, why not at least try and put it on your floor layout to see if it works? You may be surprised.

This lovely design featured in 225 Magazine has embroidery, a clock, and books in addition to framed artwork.

20 | Cutting boards

Another brilliant idea courtesy of Savvy Southern Style! Wooden cutting boards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Putting them on the wall creates a gorgeous and unique vintage look.

I love the way Kim put her cutting boards in her dining nook, a perfect location to feature them.

21 | Holiday gallery wall

Holiday inspired art added to a living room gallery.
by Meredith from

If you already have a gallery wall, you can utilize it for the seasons! Swap out some images for more holiday-themed decor or wrap your picture frames in wrapping paper, like Meredith from Unoriginal Mom did on her wall.

22 | Typography

Don’t forget the power of a few simple words. Including text in your gallery wall can help to bring in a new element, especially if you want everything framed but don’t want only artwork.

A splash of typography, such as this design by Style Curator, can mix things up. Plus, you can include a personal saying that means something special to your family!

I hope you have found some inspiration to create the picture wall of your dreams. Remember, have fun with it! And don’t be afraid to get creative.

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Which one of these gallery wall ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.

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