Blue & White Garden Design Ideas

I love plants with blue flowers and I love decorating with blue and white. So creating a garden with that color palette seems like a natural next step. Which is why I started looking for the blue and white garden … Read More

Butterfly on lilac flower
How to Attract Butterflies to Your Home Garden

The prettiest insect of them all, butterflies are always a welcome addition to the garden. This guide covers the basics of how to attract butterflies to your garden so you can enjoy their presence all summer long. Nothing says a … Read More

lilac bushes blooming
How to Grow Lilacs: Spring’s Most Fragrant Flower

A classic flower, lilacs have withstood the test of time and remain one of the most gorgeous and sought-after spring flowers. Learning how to grow lilacs is simple as they require very little maintenance once established. Year after year, they … Read More

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