Barberry ‘Sunjoy Sequins™

Barberry 'Sunjoy Sequins™' (Berberis thunbergii)

Exposure: Part Sun to Full Sun
Bloom Time: Spring
Zones: 4 to 8
Height: 24″ to 36″
Width: 36″ to 48″

Barberry ‘Sunjoy Sequins‘ is a small shrub that will make a big impact in your garden.

It has yellow flowers in spring, but what you’ll really be growing it for is its foliage.

The variegated foliage of the new 2020 shrub Barberry 'Sunjoy Sequins™'

The new growth is white, pink and light green which matures to a brilliant emerald green.

It does have some prickly thorns so you won’t want to plant it close to where people could walk into it. But it rarely requires pruning so they shouldn’t be much of an issue there.

It’s also a really tough plant that’s drought tolerant, easy to grow and resists deer (those thorns are good for something!)

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