Bird’s Nest Spruce (Picea abies ‘Nidiformis’)

Bird's Nest Spruce (Picea abies 'Nidiformis’)
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Zones: 3 to 7
Light: Sun
Bloom Time: Foliage Only
Height: 2′ to 8′
Spread: 3′ to 12′

Bird’s Nest Spruce is a dwarf variety of the Norway spruce that gets its name from its shape.

It grows slowly to form a flattened sphere that is the perfect size for foundation plantings, rock gardens or to add some year-round structure to the front of a garden bed.

New needles come out as a bright green color that turns to gray-green as they age.

This shrub is deer resistant and very low maintenance. It only requires occasional pruning to maintain its size.

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