Caladium, Big Leaf Coleus and Perilla

Coleus in a blue container
Coleus in a blue container

Container Role: Filler

Amount of Shade: Full Shade

Caladiums, Big Leaf Coleus and Perilla come in a myriad of brightly colored leaves, many of which are more purple than blue.

But I like to include them in my pots because they absolutely thrive in the shade.

Blue Coleus seeds*

Then I saw these blue ones that look absolutely stunning! I have only been able to find them in seeds (HERE*), so we’ll see how they turn out!

Since they do so well in full shade, these plants are a perfect thriller to combine with Browallia and Streptocarpella.

Update: After a couple of tries, I have not been able to get these blue coleus seeds to grow. If any of you have tried them and got them to grow successully, I would love to hear about it!

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