Dogwood ‘Golden Shadows®’

Dogwood 'Golden Shadows®'

Exposure: Part Sun to Full Sun
Bloom Time: Spring
Zones: 3 to 8
Height: 10′ to 12′
Width: 10′ to 12′

Dogwood ‘Golden Shadows®‘ is another new shrub for 2020 that you’ll likely be growing more for its beautiful foliage than its lacy white flowers.

The leaves are a bright yellow color with a splotch of emerald green in the center and the new growth can take on pink tones in cool weather.

Its strong horizontal branching adds an architectural element to your garden that looks beautiful even in the winter.

Like most dogwoods, this variety does well in light shade. The further south you live, the more shade it will require.

It’s also a native plant that is easy to grow, doesn’t require pruning and resists deer.

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