Zones: 4 – 9
Bloom Time: Late winter / Early spring
Height: 15” -18”

Hellebores are one of my favorite easy to maintain plants.

They form a clump of disease resistant evergreen leaves, come in single and double blossoms in a wide range of colors, and bloom from early spring into the summer.

Water weekly until established and plant in their permanent location because they do not like to be moved.

The only care I give mine is to prune out dead leaves.

Learn more about Hellebores HERE.

What is not to love!

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    • Hi Alice…Mine don’t have any scent, but apparently there are some that do (you would need to check the variety when you buy them). You can probably get them to grow in zone 3 if you have reliable snow cover during the winter, or grow them in a protected spot (like close to the house).

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