Lace cap hydrangea
Lace cap hydrangea

Zone: 3 to 9

Part Sun to Full Sun (the further north you live, the more sun they can take)

Bloom Time: Summer to Fall

Height: 2′ to 4′

Hydrangeas are a plant (in this case, more of a bush) that has a lot of blue varieties.

Hydrangea Twist n Shout
Hydrangea Twist n Shout

For many lace-cap hydrangeas (above) and mophead hydrangeas (below), you can actually control how blue the flower is…the more acidic the soil the bluer they will be. If your flowers are pink or just not blue enough for your liking, add some soil acidifier (like you would normally put on rhododendrons), and watch the bloom colors change.

Perennials With Blue Flowers - Endless Summer Hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea

If you’re having problems with your hydrangeas not blooming at all, click here to get some help figuring out what the problem may be.

Note: For clarification, this trick won’t work with white hydrangeas, or the Hydrangea paniculata varieties, so you make sure you have one of the pink or blue Hydrangea macrophylla varieties.

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