Japanese Maples

The Japanese Maples at either end of the path
The Japanese Maples at either end of the path

Zone: 4 – 9
Height: 6′ to 25′ (depending on the variety)

Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) are dwarf trees that create outstanding focal points in the shady border under trees.

My front border is anchored by two other Acers, one at each corner of a curved path. Although they are different varieties of Japanese maple, the foliage provides focal interest and intense color.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple*

They like dappled shade and do not like to dry out, so provide a deep layer of mulch.

Prune, if necessary, in summer after the leaves are established.

Japanese Maple "Crimson Queen"
Japanese Maple “Crimson Queen”

I love the way my cut leaf ‘Crimson Queen’ forms a canopy of scarlet lacy foliage from spring until fall. Even in the winter, the branches arch dramatically.

Click HERE to find out more about growing Japanese Maples.

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