Lily of the Valley shrub ‘Interstella®

Lily of the Valley shrub 'Interstella®'

Exposure: Full Shade to Part Shade
Bloom Time: Early Spring
Zones: 5 to 8
Height: 3′ to 4′
Width: 3′ to 4′

For everyone that has a really shady spot in their garden, Lily of the Valley shrub ‘Interstella’ may be the new 2020 shrub for you.

It has pinkish-red flowers that start blooming in very early spring and last for 2 months or more.

As with most Pieris varieties, it grows in acidic soil, has evergreen leaves and doesn’t like to be pruned. So it’s very low maintenance to boot.

And it is one of the best shrubs for shade. Pieris japonica isn’t just shade tolerant. It LOVES to grow in the shade.

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