Rhododendron ‘Dandy Man Color Wheel

Rhododendron 'Dandy Man Color Wheel®'

Exposure: Part Sun
Bloom Time: Early Spring
Zones: 5 to 9
Height: 4′ to 8′
Width: 4′ to 8′

I love Rhododendrons! So whenever I hear about a new variety coming out, I’m always interested to see what it has to offer.

And Rhododendron ‘Dandy Man Color Wheel®‘ does not disappoint.

As the name suggests, it’s claim to fame is the number of colors the bloom cycle produces.

The buds start red.

Then open to multi-tone pink flowers.

Mature white flowers of the new 2020 shrub Rhododendron 'Dandy Man Color Wheel®'

And finally mature to pure white.

This plant has leathery evergreen foliage (as do many Rhododendrons), is disease resistant and does not require pruning or deadheading.

How awesome is that?

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