Rose ‘Ringo™

Rose 'Ringo™'

Exposure: Full Sun
Bloom Time: Summer to Fall
Zones: 4 to 8
Height: 3′ to 4′
Width: 3′ to 4′

Normally when I grow roses, I look for the traditional full flowers that have a beautiful scent. And this plant has neither of those.

So why is it on my best new shrubs list for 2020?

To encourage a bushier rose bush, cut the plant back by about half in the early spring.

I just couldn’t resist those flower colors. They start out yellow with a red center. Then fade to white with a pink center.

Add in the fact that this plant is disease resistant, blooms continuously all summer and doesn’t require deadheading, and it’s a pretty perfect rose plant. (Yes, you read that right, you don’t have to cut off the spent flowers for it to keep blooming!)

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