10 Best Blue Plants For Containers In The Shade

Container Role: Spiller

Amount of Shade: Full Shade

Streptocarpella* is one of my absolute favorite blue flowering plants for full shade.

It has nodding little bell shaped blooms that are delicate and mystical.  They are held above dark green violet-like foliage by short stems.

Streptocarpella grows 6-10″ and because it spills over the edges of pots, it is perfect for hanging baskets.  Each 12″ basket needs 3-4 plants to make a nice bushy showing.

10 Best Blue Plants For Containers In The Shade

I like to repeat the streptocarpella baskets in the fence holes (yes, that’s one of them peeping out from under the climbing hydrangea).

Then I hang one by the nearby garage door and another from the non-fruiting crab-apple tree that overhangs the deck. Sometimes I even put one on the arbor leading to the back garden. Can you tell I love these plants?

The leaves will burn in the direct afternoon sun, but they do well in shade and part-shade.  They do not need deadheading and are easy to propagate from cuttings rooted in water.

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