Summersweet Clethra

Summersweet Clethera 'Sixteen Candles' ©Nicola Gordon -
Summersweet Clethera ‘Sixteen Candles’ ©Nicola Gordon –

Bloom Time: Fall
Zones: 4 to 9
Light: Sun to Shade
Size: 2′ to 8′ tall

Summersweet Clethra is a native shrub to the eastern United States that produces white spiky fragrant blooms in the summer or early fall.

Besides being easy to grow, it’s also great for attracting birds and butterflies to your garden. They love its flowers!

Summersweet Clethra does spread by runners so that’s something to be aware of when you’re planting it. You’ll need to prune it to keep it under control.

For more information about Summersweet Clethra, click HERE.

This post was originally published on June 17, 2020 but was updated with new content on June 18, 2022.