Trumpet Vine

Allen's hummingbird feeding on hummingbird vine flower. ©angeldibilio -
Allen’s hummingbird feeding on hummingbird vine flower. ©angeldibilio –

Bloom Time: Mid-summer to fall
Zones: 4 – 9
Light: Full Sun

The Trumpet Vine is a native plant to the Southeast U.S. that is so good at attracting hummers it has earned the nickname Hummingbird Vine.

Its bright orange-red tubular flowers and sweet nectar are a hummingbird magnet.

Hummingbird Vine is also VERY easy to grow…too easy in many cases. It gets very large, very fast so if you plant this one, be prepared to keep it in check. You may have to decide if having this one of the hummingbird plants in your garden is worth it. Growing it in a large container may be a good alternative.

That’s it for my list of hummingbird plants. I have had a lot of success getting hummingbirds to frequent my garden using these flowers so hopefully they will work for you as well.
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This post was originally published on June 24, 2020 but was updated with new content on June 18, 2022.