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How to Paint Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

If you have watched any decorating shows, you will have often seen that they refurbish old kitchen cupboards by painting the doors. It always seems like such a quick, easy, and inexpensive makeover on television. In my experience it is … Read More

How to Paint A Trellis Wall

To add the relaxing feeling of a garden to an indoor room, try painting a trellis with wisteria vines (or any other kind of vine that you like) to one wall of the room.  I added this design to the … Read More

How To Wallpaper The Ceiling (The Easy Way)

Wallpaper implies by its name that it is only meant to be applied to walls and, of course, that is where we usually see it. However, there are embossed and ‘tin look’ wallpapers available that are paint-able and that provide … Read More

How to Install Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

In the “old days”, ceilings in banks, schools, and other institutions were covered with painted, patterned tin, often to hide imperfections in the plaster. Today, faux tin ceiling tiles accomplish the same thing, look great, and are very easy to … Read More

How To Paint Stripes

I recently painted wide bold stripes on my kitchen ceiling in strong colors taken from the new wallpaper. It took courage to decide on such intense colors, but I’m glad I did. Now the room acts as a magnet drawing … Read More

How To Paint A Plaid Ceiling

In my house, the living and dining room ceilings are stucco over lath and plaster construction. The surface is in good condition, but it is very wavy. This was very apparent when painted a plain color. The unevenness bothered me. … Read More

On a Roll With Cottage Paint

Sometimes we keep things in our homes for their sentimental memories and do not pause to evaluate how well they reflect our own taste and personality.  In other words do we really like the piece? In my home I have … Read More

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