Decorating Styles 101: Find The Interior Design Styles You Love

Confused about what the different interior decorating styles are and what decor elements fit in each of them? Let the Interior Decorating Styles Matrix help you find the styles that match your decorating preferences.

When it comes to decorating, one of the problems that many people have is figuring out what all the interior decorating styles are. And which decor elements fit in each style.

Unless you are very familiar with interior decorating or have done a lot of research on the internet, how do you know which decorating styles match what you like?

You can read through a bunch of interior design style articles and descriptions to see which ones you like.

Or you can use our Interior Design Styles Matrix.

Identify The Interior Decor Styles

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Our matrix lists a bunch of different design elements in categories like Fabrics, Patterns, and Color.

You select the options that you like, and it shows you the design styles that feature those elements.

Then scroll down to read more about your selected design styles.

Of course, if you want to know about ALL the styles, you can skip the selection step and scroll down to read about them all.

What If One Of Your Favorite Things Isn’t Listed?

Obviously, it’s impossible to include every single design option available in these lists.  

So if you can’t find one of your favorite things in the list, look for another option that is similar.

If you love Chenille, pick the Velvet option. If you want marble everything, select the natural stone option. Or maybe brightly colored elephants are your thing? Go with the bold patterns option. You get the idea.

Also, there are some design elements that are common to a lot of styles, such as wall mirrors, linen fabric and candles.

I left these off the selection list because they don’t really help to narrow the choices.

So if you’ve selected one of these universal design elements, you can assume it will work regardless of which styles you end up selecting.

Now for the fun part…finding your styles!

The Interior Design Styles Matrix

Select The Design Elements You Like

Click the options that define your style. You can choose more than one per category.

Then scroll down to see which styles are selected.

What Fabrics Do You Like?

faux fur
airy fabrics
polished cotton

What Are Your Favorite Patterns?

animal prints
geometric shapes
little or no pattern
bold patterns

What Decor Colors Do You Like?

black and white
bright colors
earthy colors
neutral colors
pastel colors
warm colors
dark gray
jewel tones
little to no white
natural colors
pale blues and greens

What Types Of Wall, Ceiling and Floor Decor Do You Like?

Walls, Ceilings & Floors
wood beams
concrete floors
exposed brick walls
jute rugs
layered area rugs
open space
textured walls (plaster / stucco)
tiled floors
wood ceilings
unfinished ceilings
light woods
whitewashed wood

What Are Your Favorite Furniture Styles?

chipped paint
clean lines
dark wood
mirrored furniture
weathered wood
distressed finishes
natural stone
natural wood
weathered woods
whitewashed wood
straight lines
armless seating
iconic designs
light woods

What Types Of Accessories Do You Like?

crystal chandeliers
minimal accessories
wrought iron
edgy art
large indoor plants
matte steel or iron
natural stone
natural wood
re-purposed objects
weathered woods

These Design Styles Match Your Selections

Image Credits:

Art Deco Living Room Photo by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc. | Bohemian Living Room Photo by Breeze Giannasio Interiors | Coastal Bathroom Photo by LDa Architecture & Interiors | Contemporary Living Room Photo by Dick Clark & Associates | Farmhouse Kitchen Photo by Vertical Construction Group LLC | French Country Kitchen Photo by Sue Murphy Designs | Hollywood Regency Living Room Photo by DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL | Industrial Dining Room Photo by PLACE architect ltd | Mid Century Modern Sitting Area Photo by Vadim Andrushchenko | Scandinavian Living Room Photo by INTRO INRED | Shabby Chic Dining Room Photo by Dreamy Whites | Traditional Living Room by Alexander James Interior Design

Note: Some images below are from and are not pinnable due to their copyright restrictions.

1 | Art Deco

Black and white art deco style living room
  • 1920’s vibe
  • dramatic lighting
  • contrast (think black and white, angular patterns with bold curves, and gloss paint with lush textiles)
  • rich colors used in moderation
  • animal prints
  • curves and geometric shapes
  • gold and other rich metals
  • lacquer and gloss paint
  • mirrored furniture
  • lush textiles such as velvet and chenille

Read more details HERE.

2 | Bohemian

  • 1960’s vibe
  • layered textures
  • lots of bold patterns (often floral- or Moroccan-inspired)
  • colorful rugs
  • plush ottomans
  • natural elements (eg. large house plants)
  • jewel tones
  • wall tapestries

Find more details HERE.

3 | Coastal

Blue and white coastal style living room
  • casual, relaxing vibe
  • natural fibers such as jute rugs, wicker furniture and muslin slip covers
  • neutral colors
  • pale blues and greens
  • seashells (but don’t go overboard)
  • shiplap
  • weathered and whitewashed woods
  • light and airy feel
  • simple window treatments

Read more HERE.

4 | Contemporary

Contemporary living room with two story windows ©Dariusz Jarzabek -
©Dariusz Jarzabek –
  • minimalistic vibe
  • chrome
  • clean lines
  • glass
  • little or no pattern
  • minimal accessories
  • neutral colors
  • open space
  • straight lines

Read more about it HERE.

5 | Farmhouse

Farmhouse style entry way with bench and shiplap walls
  • burlap
  • earthy colors
  • leather
  • re-purposed objects
  • shiplap
  • weathered wood
  • wood beams
  • wrought iron

Find out more.

6 | French Country

  • distressed finishes
  • gingham
  • roosters
  • textured walls (plaster / stucco)
  • tiled floors
  • toile
  • warm colors

Read more details.

7 | Hollywood Regency

  • glamorous vibe
  • animal prints
  • bright colors
  • Chinoiserie
  • faux fur
  • gold
  • mirrored furniture
  • murals
  • natural stone
  • lush textures such as velvet and chenille

Find out more HERE.

8 | Industrial

Industrial loft living room
  • edgy vibe
  • concrete floors
  • dark gray
  • modern art
  • exposed brick walls
  • matte steel or iron
  • open space
  • re-purposed objects
  • unfinished ceilings

Read more about it HERE.

9 | Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern living room with yellow sofa
  • 1950’s vibe
  • armless seating
  • bright colors
  • clean lines
  • graphic patterns
  • iconic designs
  • light-colored woods
  • minimal accessories
  • open space

Get more information.

10 | Scandinavian

  • airy fabrics with lots of white
  • clean lines
  • earthy colors
  • little or no pattern
  • natural colors
  • natural stone
  • natural and whitewashed wood
  • wood ceilings
  • warm textures

Read more HERE.

11 | Shabby Chic

Shabby chic bedroom
  • airy fabrics
  • beadboard
  • chipped paint
  • distressed finishes
  • florals
  • lace
  • pastel colors
  • slipcovers
  • wrought iron

Learn more HERE.

12 | Traditional

  • bronze
  • crystal chandeliers
  • curves
  • traditional fabric patterns such as damask, florals, paisley and toile
  • dark wood
  • moldings
  • neutral colors
  • oriental rugs
  • polished cotton
  • symmetrical placement
  • wallpaper
  • antique furniture

Read more details HERE.

If your selections result in a lot of design styles being displayed, you may fall into one of the following “mixed” styles.

These are the ones that are made from combining two or more other styles.

13 | Transitional Style

Transitional home office

If you like parts of both Traditional and Contemporary styles, then your style could be Transitional.  

It uses a traditional design features with contemporary finishes to create a more modern version of traditional decor.

Like all of the painted furniture in traditional styles with pink and gold details in the picture above.

You can read more about Transitional Style HERE.

14 | Eclectic Style

If you like to mix and match all different kinds of decorating styles together, eclectic style may be the one for you.

In order to be successful with eclectic design, you do need an eye for things that go together.

So if you’re good at mixing-and-matching clothing, and don’t like following design rules, this may be the style you’re looking for.

You can find more about eclectic style HERE.

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Do you have comments or questions about our interior decorating styles matrix? Tell us in the section below.

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  1. Hi Wanda,

    Thanks for this! I really love your explanations and it’s super helpful as I’m about to decorate an entire house that I renovated. I think I would call my style “mid-century farmhouse glam”!

    I’ve always loved mid-century style but then I live in Mallorca, a Mediterranean island off the coast if Barcelona. So I feel some natural elements just need to be included living here like natural woods and baskets etc. and then I like a little bit of gold and glam so there you go!

    I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration also with colors from your blog! Thank you so much!!! 💛

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Daniella! Your style sounds beautiful…a very cool mix 🙂

  2. Thanks for explaining that the industrial design style includes elements like modern art and concrete floors. My husband and I have talked about hiring a home remodeling contractor to upgrade the style of our house before the end of the year. I’m glad I read your article becuase the industrial style isn’t something I had really considered before your suggestion!

  3. We’re building a small place to downsize into. Since my budget is 45 cents, I’m designing a floor plan that accommodates the best of what I already have. I call my style 1) Shabby Chic (because I have almost 30 yards of white cotton canvas for slipcovers, curtains & blinds; 2) French (based on Mom’s French Provincial china cabinet, two Paris-themed stencils, and several yards of black & white toile; and 3) Coastal because the blue-green/creamy beige/white combination is my very favorite. Hence:
    Shabby French Coastal Chic. Quite pompous enough, I think.

    1. Hi Judy…that sounds like an awesome combination! I think your new place will look beautiful 🙂

  4. Denise Ann Spangler says:

    I’m a real mix. I love parts of Coastal. Shabby Chic and Traditional. Not sure what to call it!

    1. Hi Denise…I think that sounds like an awesome combination. You could design some really pretty rooms 🙂 How about Traditional Beachy Chic?

  5. I used to call my style “Early Salvation Army” but my cousin said it’s really “Museum” 😉

    1. Too funny, Lenora! At least you have a clear description 🙂