Peacock Tablescape

Peacock Tablescape |
Peacock Tablescape

Peacocks (and turquoise) are one of the trends for this year, so I decided to create a peacock tablescape using those trends as inspiration.  Since my version was done for a Mardi Gras party, I also incorporated some purple and gold, which go very well with the peacock color scheme.

Want to see the Mardi Gras party where I used these tablescapes?  Click here see the post.

Layer Gold and Teal Plates

Peacock Tablescape |
Peacock napkin ring with gold and turquoise

Start with gold place mats and turquoise chargers which match the peacock color scheme.

Then add some gold-rimmed plates.

White and gold accent plates finish the plate layers.

Create Peacock Napkin Rings

Peacock Tablescape |
The peacocks on the napkin rings are actually Christmas Tree ornaments clipped onto the top of the ring.

Create peacock napkin holders by clipping peacock Christmas ornaments* onto a standard gold-colored napkin ring.

Using purple napkins* makes the peacocks stand out even more.

Add Large Candles

Peacock Tablescape |
Peacock-inspired candle

For the center of the table, start with mercury glass candle holders and gold candles.

Add Ribbon

Peacock Tablescape |
Purple ribbon, blue and gold candles, and Christmas ornaments in coordinating colors are the centerpiece on this table.

Trail purple wired ribbon down the center of the table.

Fill in the Gaps

Peacock Tablescape |
Mercury candle holders and colored “crystals” add some bling

In the spaces, place small mercury glass candle holders with tea lights, as well as some Christmas ornaments and plastic “crystals” in gold, blue, purple and green.

Add Some More Feathers

Peacock Tablescape |
Ostrich feathers in a vase above the peacock decoration bring the theme to the buffet.

If you have room on a buffet or nearby table, you can use purple, green and blue ostrich feathers* in tall vases* to tie in with the table decor.

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