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Top 10 Home Decor Ideas of 2018

It’s the start of a new year which for me means looking back at what worked last year, and looking forward to the new year trends.

As I mentioned a few days ago (in my top 10 gardening ideas of 2018 post), 2018 was a pretty big year for me.

We had more than 2 million visitors to the From House To Home and the Entertaining Diva websites. That’s more than double the 1 million visitors we had in 2017! Which of course would not have been possible without all of you…so I want to send out a big thank you for your continuing support!

All of those extra views caused an increase in income from the site. And that allowed me to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a while…quit my day job to become a full-time blogger!  (If you want to know more about how this blog makes money, you can read all about it HERE.)

And all of that means I have more time to focus on creating great content.

So…I would love your input on what you would like help with in the new year!

If you have any suggestions on what you want to see more of (or less of), please let me know by completing our really quick 3-question survey.

Now onto what you came for…our top 10 home decor ideas of 2018 (based on the amount of people that read each one).

#10. How To Make A Low Ceiling Look Higher

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Number 10 on our list of top home decor ideas for 2018 is some decorating ideas for making a low ceiling look higher than it is.

A lot of new homes have 9-foot ceilings or higher that make the rooms look open and airy.

But if you live in a house with standard 8 foot ceilings, they can feel a little claustrophobic at times. This post gives you some decorating tricks to get the illusion of higher ceilings without having to raise the roof.

#9. Remove Thinset From Concrete

The thinset on the floor

If you were around when I was renovating my master bathroom as part of the One Room Challenge, you know that I had a heck of a time getting the old tile and mortar off the cement floor. (When my mother and I install anything it’s meant to stay installed!)

This article talks all about my trials and tribulations with removing the thinset from the concrete…and how I finally got it to work.

#8. How To Cover Popcorn Ceilings

5 Ways To Hide Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are the bane of my existence! Every ceiling in my house is covered with them.

Trying to take them down is a really messy job.  And in builder grade homes (as a friend of mine discovered), often means re-doing the sheet rock on the ceiling because it wasn’t installed very well under the popcorn.

So that’s where this post on 5 ways to cover popcorn ceilings came from…my research on how to do just that in my house.

#7. How To Keep The Cat From Using The Dog Door

Winston in front of his dog door that he no longer has to share

This post on how I keep my cats from going out through the dog door is an old one. And it doesn’t really have much to do with decorating.

At the time I wrote it, I was so excited to have figured out a way to keep the cats in, I just had to share. (Just for the record, it still works to this day).

And apparently lots of other people have the same issue, because it’s the #7 post on our top 10 list.

#6. Whole House Color Scheme

My whole house color scheme

Decorating with color is something that I love to do. So this post on how to create a whole house color scheme is definitely one of my favorites.

I have used it for a number of years when I have to making color decisions and it has been a huge help in keeping my house looking cohesive.

#5. How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

This post on ideas for making a small room look bigger has been around for a while, but is still getting a lot of attention.

My mother lives in a small house and I have lived in small houses. (All are under 900 sq feet.) Not to mention that my current house isn’t huge…at 1750 sq feet, it’s by far the biggest place I have ever owned.

So we do have some first-hand experience in making tiny rooms look and function bigger than they actually are.

#4. 2019 Paint Color Trends

Pantone 2019 color of the year: Living Coral

Number four on our top home decor ideas of 2018 is the 2019 paint color trends. I’m actually a little surprised to see this one make it.

Since most of the paint companies release their color of the year in the fall, I posted it a little earlier than usual this year.

And it looks like everyone is trying to get a jump on the new year, because in just 2 months, these trends made it all the way to #4 on the popularity chart.

#3. How To Make Your House Look More Expensive

Before and After of a builder grade home office makeover

The next post on the list is 10 ways to make your house look more expensive. It’s a collection of ideas I’ve done in my house to help make my builder-grade home look a little more custom.

Most of them are not expensive to do, and can really help transform a room into looking like something it’s not.

#2. 2018 Home Decor Trends

Okay, we’re on to the second most popular topic on our 2018 top 10 home decor ideas, and it’s more trends.

This one was about the 2018 Home Decor Trends, according to Pinterest. That’s where they look at all of the topics being searched on Pinterest and pick out the ones that are increasing in search volume the fastest. They always come out with some interesting information.

In case you missed it, I posted the 2019 Home Decor Trends earlier this week. You can find it HERE.

#1. 2018 Paint Color Trends

2018 Paint Color Trends

All of you must love reading about trends and paint colors as much as I do. The #1 most popular post for 2018 was the list of paint color trends from all the major paint companies.

That means there were 3 trend-related posts in the top 10! I guess we’re all trying to keep on top of what’s coming up in the new year 🙂

Well that’s it for this year’s top 10 home decor ideas.

Now, don’t forget to fill out our quick survey to let us know what you want to read about in 2019.

Have comments or questions on our top home decor ideas of 2018? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on January 4, 2019 but was updated with new content on April 16, 2020.

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