Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape (10+ DIY Painting Projects)

Looking for some wall painting ideas for your living room, hall, or bedroom? These DIY wall paint design ideas with tape are easy to do yourself, even if you don’t think you’re creative.

10 DIY wall paint design ideas with tape

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update a room, painter’s tape and paint make a great combination.

It’s easy to create wall painting designs yourself that look beautiful even if you don’t think you’re artistic.

We’ll go from simple designs to more complicated ones so you can decide just how much effort you want to put into it.

Keep reading to find 10 wall paint design ideas you can do with tape.

1 | Color Blocking

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Color blocked wall in a living room
©Photographee.eu – stock.adobe.com

Color blocking is the easiest way to paint walls using tape.

Since it involves big sections of the wall being painted the same color, there are a lot fewer masking tape lines required than some of the other techniques.

For open concept rooms, painting a vertical color block is a great way to create a visual divider without actually breaking up the space.

Chelsea and Logan from Making Manzanita created a similar two-toned effect only using a horizontal line.

They have some great tips on making sure the lines are straight with clean edges, so be sure to check out their tutorial.

Living room wall with blush pink on the bottom half and white on the top half

For a more subtle effect, choose colors that don’t have as much contrast. Like this blush pink and white wall design.

2 | Triangle Pattern

Living room with a blue triangle pattern painted on the wall behind the couch

If you’re looking for a simple wall painting design for your living room, this triangle pattern may be just the thing.

It takes a little longer to complete because you have to wait for each section to dry before putting up the tape line for the next one.

But you end up with a really cool tape paint design. And I think it’s worth it!

3 | Vertical Stripes

Bedroom with vertical stripes painted on the walls
Bed room with purple and green vertical stripes via houzz.com

With a little more effort, you can use painter’s tape to create stripes on your wall.

Vertical stripes draw the eye up, and can help to make a room with a low ceiling feel taller.

If you choose bright or contrasting colors, your stripes will make a statement in your room.

Like the purple and gold ones in my mother’s bedroom.

Learn how to paint vertical stripes on the wall HERE.

Vertical glazed stripes painted on a dining room wall
Dining room with vertical stripes via houzz.com

For a more subtle approach, paint the whole wall with flat paint.

Wait until it is completely dry.

Then put up the painter’s tape and paint on the stripes with clear glaze.

This creates a sophisticated stripe that is most visible when the light hits the wall the right way.

Wall and ceiling painted with pink stripes

For more impact, continue painting the stripes all the way up onto the ceiling.

Get the step-by-step tutorial for painting stripes on the ceiling HERE.

4 | Horizontal Stripes

Bathroom painted with turquoise and white horizontal stripes
Horizontal stripes make a small room seem wider, via houzz.com

The technique for painting horizontal stripes is basically the same as for vertical stripes. But with the tape going around the walls rather than up and down them.

This is a great pattern to help make a narrow room feel wider.

This bathroom uses stripes of the same width in coastal colors that feel very bright and airy.

Alternating small and wide stripes painted on a wall
Alternating small and wide stripes look like panels, via houzz.com

Try varying the width of the stripes to add more interest.

Like this wall with the paint version of pin stripes.

Painting horizontal stripes using different shades of the same paint color creates an ombre effect.

To make the room look taller, start with the darkest color on the bottom and work up to the lightest color on top.

5 | Geometric Blocks

Wall painted with geometric blocks
Geometric blocks via anikasdiylife.com

If you’re looking for a multicolor wall painting idea, this geometric blocks motif may be the pattern for you!

Have fun mixing and matching to create a color scheme that goes with your room.

Learn how to create the pattern from anikasdiylife.com.

6 | Paint A Trellis

Trellis painted on a wall

Painting a trellis on your wall is a great way to create the feeling of a garden room indoors.

It’s not as hard as it looks.

Use painter’s tape to create the trellis pattern and then paint over it.

Remove the tape to see the finished design. Adding a Wisteria vine is optional.

Learn how to paint a trellis HERE.

7 | Herringbone Pattern

Painted herringbone pattern
Herringbone pattern via thriftyandchic.com

For an all-over graphic look, try painting this herringbone tape wall design.

It will definitely create a focal point in the room.

Learn how to recreate this look with the instructions on thriftyandchic.com.

8 | Diamond Pattern

Painted diamond pattern on a living room wall
Painted diamond pattern via thefrugalhomemaker.com

This diamond pattern is another graphic design you can paint on your walls using painter’s tape.

It is a great choice for any room that needs some extra interest.

Read the tutorial on thefrugalhomemaker.com.

9 | Argyle

To take the diamond motif one step further, try a full-on argyle pattern.

It can create an awesome look on an accent wall.

Just be ready to use a lot of tape making this design 🙂

Get the step-by-step instructions from sincerelysarad.com.

10 | Buffalo Check

Black and white buffalo check painted on an office wall
Buffalo check wall via classyclutter.net

The next one of our tape painting techniques is a buffalo check pattern.

This motif really adds a dramatic flair to your room. Especially when it’s paired with a pink desk!

You could also do it in more subtle colors if you want to make less of a statement.

Check out the instructions from classyclutter.net.

11 | Gingham

Last but not least is this gorgeous gingham wall that totally looks like wallpaper.

It requires some effort to get the tape on with the right angles, but it certainly makes a big impact when you’re finished!

Get the tutorial at dimplesandtangles.com.

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