Bifold Door Makeover: How to Convert Bifold Doors to Barn Doors


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In my house, all of the closets came with bifold doors. While they don’t take up as much space in the room as a regular door when they’re open, they do partially block the doorway.

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So I decided to do a door makeover and convert the bifold doors in my office to barn doors.

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- barn door hardware kit* - wood board the length of your track - washers 

- measuring tape - jig saw with a metal cutting blade

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How to Convert Bifold Doors to Barn Doors

1 | Measure And Cut The Track Before you start, make sure you have enough space beside your doorway for the door to slide all the way over. 

2 | Prepare The Doors Assuming you are re-using old doors like I did, you’ll want to remove any of the old hardware that is sticking up or down from the doors.

3 | Put Up The Track For installation into drywall, you’ll first need to figure out where your studs are.

4 | Add The Pulleys Now that the track is up, we need to add the pulleys to the top of the door(s).

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