DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet


Brush Stroke

I like the fact that the black file boxes with the silver snaps repeats the rivet pattern from the desk. And it has the same black and silver color combination.

Brush Stroke

Then there’s the functional part…those casters mean I can move that filing cabinet anywhere just be pushing it. And the wheel locks mean it can stay in place if I need it to.

Brush Stroke


- 12″ wide x 12″ deep x 24″ tall shelving unit - Painter’s pyramid stands* - Mirror effect spray paint* - 2 in. General-Duty Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake, Black

Brush Stroke

How To Build A DIY Glam Industrial Filing Cabinet 

STEP 1: GET THE RIGHT SIZE OF CABINET This is the shelf that I started with. It was part of a closet organizer set at one point, but had been re-purposed for another project (that I’m no longer using).

STEP 2: SPRAY PAINT The first step to creating a glam industrial file cabinet is to spray paint the shelving unit with silver spray paint.

STEP 3: ATTACH CASTERS If you took your shelves apart to paint them, put them back together before attaching the casters.

STEP 4: ADD THE FILE BOXES These file boxes come with a lid but it doesn’t really work since it fits on top of the file tabs, and it makes the box wider than my shelf. So I just don’t use the lids.

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