Glam DIY Hollywood Regency Bar Cabinet


Brush Stroke

Looking for a way to update a boring piece of furniture? Try this DIY Hollywood Regency bar cabinet makeover to add some glam to your room.

Brush Stroke


- Valspar Black Lacquer Spray Paint* - Gold Spray Paint* - Scrap Piece of Wood - 2″ Casters* - 1″ Screws* - Gold Knobs*

REMOVE DOORS AND KNOBS To make painting easier, the first step is to remove the doors, the drawers and the fold out bar tops.

ADD WHEELS This step is not absolutely necessary, but having wheels on a piece of furniture that gets moved around a lot makes life a lot easier.

PAINT THE INSIDE OF THE BAR Start by painting the inside of the bar with the gold spray paint.

PAINT THE OUTSIDE OF THE BAR Once the gold paint has dried, spray the black lacquer spray paint onto the outside of the bar.

TOUCH UP THE EDGES The edge between the black and gold needs to be touched up.

APPLY GOLD LEAF For my bar, I used gold leaf to line the insets on the front of the bar.

RE-STOCK THE BAR It’s amazing how much better those bottles look with a gold background.

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