5 Ways To Make Cheap Diy Pegboard Baskets 


Brush Stroke

They easily hold things (like staplers, erasers and measuring tapes) that don’t hang well and the sides prevent things from falling off the board.

Brush Stroke

However, these wire baskets* that are meant for pegboards can get really expensive if you need a lot of them. Which is why I often use my own version of pegboard bins to organize my tools, office and craft supplies like these DIY pegboard baskets.

HANG DECORATED TIN CANS One of the most economical approaches to making a DIY pegboard organizer is to use aluminum cans (the kind that canned vegetables or soup come in).

RE-PURPOSE PLASTIC CONTAINERS I have also used plastic containers for DIY pegboard baskets because they have more size options to choose from.

ADD ELECTRICAL BOXES These make awesome pegboard bins for things like measuring tapes, stud finders and other small tools..

PUT UP A PENCIL HOLDER This pegboard hack is especially useful if you already own some desk supplies like pencil holders.

MAKE WOOD BASKETS You can make them exactly the size you need to fit whatever you are trying to store. Which is great for maximizing the storage space on your pegboard.

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