How To Install Styrofoam Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles 


Brush Stroke

In the “old days”, ceilings in banks, schools, and other institutions were covered with painted, patterned tin, often to hide imperfections in the plaster.

Brush Stroke

Today, faux tin ceiling tiles accomplish the same thing, look great, and are very easy to put up.

Brush Stroke


- Styrofoam tiles*, - Liquid Nails* - Paint tray and roller. - Measuring Tape - Pencil - Chalk Line*

Paint The Tiles It is easier to paint the tiles before gluing them to the ceiling.

Find The Center Of The Ceiling Establishing the center of the ceiling will make sure that the tiles are evenly spaced between the walls..

Glue The Tiles To The Ceiling Use liquid nails in a caulk gun to put glue on the back of the first tile..

Cut Around Light Fixtures If you have ceiling light fixtures, you’ll need to cut the tiles around them.

Cut The Edge Tiles When you reach the walls, the tiles will need to be cut to size. Measure from the side of the last installed tile to the wall

The Finished Ceiling Installation rarely takes longer than a day (depending on the size of the room of course) and the only cleanup involves putting the tools away.

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