How To Remove Mouldings So You Can Reuse Them


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I had a few questions about how I removed the mouldings without damaging the wall.  And I always try to save them for another project…so I thought I would share my process in case anyone else wants to know.

Brush Stroke

The first part of the moulding removal process is actually an installation tip:  Don’t use glue to attach the mouldings to the wall.

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- Spackling*

- Utility Knife* - Molding Bar* - Hammer* - Needle Nose Plier* - Putty Knife*

Brush Stroke

How To Remove Mouldings So You Can Reuse

STEP 1: SPLIT THE JOINT CAULKING Use the utility knife to cut through this caulking so that the moulding is separated from other moulding pieces and the wall.

STEP 2: PRY UP THE MOULDING WITH A MOULDING BAR Use a moulding bar to pry the mouldings away from the wall.

STEP 3: REMOVE NAILS Pull out any nails that stay in the wall

STEP 4: SCRAPE OFF EXCESS CAULK Scrape any remaining caulking off the wall.

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