Small Home Office Layout Ideas 


Brush Stroke

If you have a small room that you want to use for your office, these small home office layout ideas will help.

Brush Stroke

Whether you like a traditional desk arrangement, an L-shaped desk configuration or want to set up an office for two, there’s a home office layout design for you.

HOW TO DRAW ROOM LAYOUTS First, I made a to-scale drawing of my room. (Which is a necessity if you want to be able to accurately plan your room layout.)

GALLEY DESK AND WORKSPACE DESIGN The first home office configuration puts the desk front and center when you walk in the room which makes sure that it is the focal point.

The bookshelves on either side become the backdrop to the focal point (your desk) by adding height and interest behind it.

HOME OFFICE LAYOUTS WITH AN L-SHAPED DESK L-shaped desks often work really well in small home office arrangements because they add a lot of surface space without taking up too much floor space.

With this layout, I still have room for my love seat sofa (where I like to sit and read). And a big enough space in the middle to do exercises.

TRADITIONAL DESK HOME OFFICE ARRANGEMENTS A traditional desk arrangement involves one single desk that is the center point of the room.

Then two chairs in front of the desk can be used as a reading area or a sitting area for clients.

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