DIY Santa Wine Glasses

DIY Santa Wine Glasses
DIY Santa Wine Glasses

I love the Christmas season. It’s a good time to catch up with friends and family, and I always end up having a Christmas dinner or drop-in event…which seems to have more people attending every year.

Pier 1 Wine Glass

via (no longer available)

While I was out looking for Christmas table decorations, I found these Christmas wine glasses that I love at Pier 1. I thought they would make a great addition to my holiday table setting, until I realized that 4 of them cost $40 and I needed about 40 of them! I like entertaining, and most people think I go over the top on decorating for parties and events…but spending $400 on wine glasses that I might use once a year wasn’t something even I would consider.

So I went to my standard solution when I’m trying to save money…a DIY project. And when I’m trying to save money on wine glasses, the basis of my DIY project is IKEA wine glasses. They are very inexpensive and are perfect for large scale events or DIY projects…you won’t feel bad if a couple get broken or if your DIY project doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected.

Click Next to see my DIY Santa Wine Glasses (a Pier 1 Knock Off).

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