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Grinch Christmas decor ideas

15 Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas

From DIY Grinch crafts to Christmas tree ornaments and home decorations, these Grinch Christmas decor ideas will give you lots of inspiration for a fun and festive holiday season. It seems like lots of people are obsessed with the Grinch these days. And I’m one of them! It’s my new favorite holiday decor! So I…
DIY Grinch garland over a front door

DIY Grinch Garland – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Whether you’re looking for some Grinch Christmas decorations to put on your fireplace mantel or to hang over your front door, we’ve got you covered. This DIY Grinch garland is easy to make and looks so fun and festive for a merry Grinchmas. Do you love the Dr. Seuss story How the Grinch Stole Christmas…
nutcracker Christmas tree ideas

Red And Blue Nutcracker Christmas Tree

I’m always looking for inspiration for my Christmas tree decorations. So this year I decided to use nutcrackers to create a traditional Christmas theme that represents good luck and goodwill. And the result was these red and blue nutcracker Christmas tree ideas. Every year I try to do something different with my living room Christmas…

Recent Gardening Posts

gifts for gardeners

Best Gifts For Gardeners in 2021

Looking for some good gifts for the gardener in your life? Whether they’re an experienced gardener or a beginner, there’s bound to be something on this list of the best gifts for gardeners! When it comes to finding gift ideas for the gardener in your life, you’re in luck. There are all kinds of tools...
pruning hydrangeas

Pruning Hydrangeas (The Ultimate Guide)

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering plants that can add a lot of color to your garden. They’re also pretty easy to grow, but if you don’t prune them correctly they won’t look their best. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about pruning hydrangeas so they’ll bloom beautifully every year! Pruning hydrangea bushes is easy...

Our Most Popular Decorating Ideas

Our Most Popular Gardening Ideas

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Entertaining & Party Ideas

grinch stealing lights outside

11 Awesome Grinch Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

Looking for some Grinch outdoor Christmas decor ideas? We’ve got you covered! From Grinch-inspired wreaths and garlands to clever light displays, these Christmas decorations are sure to make your yard festive and fun. So get ready to spread some holiday cheer! (And maybe a little bit of Grinchiness too.) Do you love the Dr Seuss...
Chandelier with fake spider webs

12 Ways To Decorate With Fake Spider Webs And Creepy Cloth

Fake cobwebs are one of the easiest ways to add spookiness to your Halloween haunted house or party decor. Find some cool ways to decorate with fake spider webs and creepy cloth that will make your Halloween decorations look awesome and learn how to hang them so they look good. Spider webs are one of...
Fallen Angels and Devils Party

Fallen Angels and Devils Halloween Party Ideas

For an elegant and spooky Halloween party theme, this fallen angels and devils Halloween party is just the thing. With its red and black color scheme, it creates an elegant and dramatic atmosphere that your guests will love. If you’re looking for a dramatic Halloween party theme, look no further! The Fallen Angels and Devils...


Decorated Christmas angel rolled sugar cookies on a baking sheet with an angel cookie cutter and a spatula

Simple Decorated Christmas Angel Cut Out Cookies

For me, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without rolled sugar cookies. And these simple-to-decorate Christmas angel cut out cookies are one of my favorites. They’re easy to make, always turn out and look beautiful on a cookie tray. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! But while you’re decking the halls with boughs...

How To Bake & Decorate Christmas Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Made with peppermint extract and decorated with white and red royal icing, these candy cane sugar cookies are a festive holiday treat that have great flavor and look like Christmas. And they’re made with our no-fail cut out cookie recipe so they always keep their shape. Christmas is coming, which means it’s time for festive...
easy peppermint chocolate fudge balls

Easy Chocolate Peppermint Fudge Balls

Whether you’re making cookies for a Christmas cookie swap, need to take something to a pot-luck holiday dinner, or just want some festive sweets to eat at home, this no-fail chocolate peppermint fudge balls recipe is the perfect holiday season treat. ‘Tis the season for peppermint everything! I personally love peppermint and chocolate together, so...

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