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2023 Paint Color Trends

Are you ready to peek into the future of home decorating? Discover what hues will be the most popular for home interiors this year with the 2023 paint color trends from all of the major paint companies. Read more ➔

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Hi! I’m Wanda. And I believe that everyone can live in a home they love, even if it’s a small, cookie-cutter, builder-grade house like mine.

Using lots of color and a little bit of glam, my mother and I are on a mission to help you transform your house into a home you love with our creative decorating ideas and easy DIY projects.

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design ideas By Room

To give you ideas and inspiration, we share our own room makeovers including the design process, DIY projects and sources we used to create the look. So you can learn from what we did that worked (and what didn’t!) 

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Interior Design tips

Our decorating tips provide actionable ideas that you can use to decorate your home. From choosing colors to room layouts to budget-friendly glam decor, this information will help you make your house look and feel fabulous without spending a lot of money to do it. 

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How to make a small room look bigger

Whether it’s a bedroom, home office or living room, trying to layout a room that doesn’t have much space is always a challenge. Which is why our tips on how to make a small room look bigger is one of our reader favorites.

How to pick the right paint color every time

If you have ever tried to pick a paint color for a room, you know how daunting that can be. There are just so many options to choose from. Not any more! With our 7 step process, you’ll be able to decide on the right color in no time.

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DIY Projects By Type

Our DIY home decor projects will help you to make the most of what you already have. Because that’s the best way to upgrade your rooms without spending a lot of money. We’ll give you the step-by-step instructions so you can do it yourself even if you’ve never done it before.

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