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How To Make a Pull Down Picture

In last week’s post about hiding clutter on shelves, I promised I would do a tutorial on how to make a pull down picture, so here it is! It’s a really easy way to cover one or two shelves on a … Read More

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pruning hydrangeas

Pruning Hydrangeas (The Ultimate Guide)

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering plants that can add a lot of color to your garden. They’re also pretty easy to grow, but if you don’t prune them correctly they won’t look their best. We’ll tell you everything you need to … Read More
types of hydrangeas including oak leaf hydrangea, climbing hydrangea, mountain hydrangea and mophead hydrangea

Types Of Hydrangeas (and How To Identify Them)

There are so many different types of hydrangeas! And they have completely different growing requirements. So how do you know which kind you’re dealing with? Hydrangeas tend to fall into one category or another based on their flower shape and … Read More

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Our Most Popular Gardening Ideas

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Fallen Angels and Devils Party

Fallen Angels and Devils Halloween Party Ideas

For an elegant and spooky Halloween party theme, this fallen angels and devils Halloween party is just the thing. With its red and black color scheme, it creates an elegant and dramatic atmosphere that your guests will love. If you’re … Read More
Witches party theme decor with witch hats and broomsticks

The Best Halloween Party Themes For Adults

Planning a Halloween party is hard work. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start! Which is where picking a theme comes in handy. And with our list of the best Halloween party themes for … Read More


spiked caramel apple cider

Spiked Caramel Apple Cider

This season, spice up your fall (or winter) festivities with a spiked caramel apple cider. Made with caramel vodka and spiced rum, this easy-to-make drink recipe can be served cold or warm and is the perfect cocktail for any occasion. … Read More
close up of chocolate, caramel pecan turtle fudge

Simple Chocolate, Caramel And Pecan Turtle Fudge

Nutty, sweet, and rich in chocolate, this simple caramel, chocolate and pecan turtle fudge is quick to make, tasty, and perfectly chewy! This easy no-bake recipe is great for holiday season celebrations or when you need to satisfy a sweet … Read More

Super Easy Fireball Cherry Jello Shots Recipe

With just 2 ingredients (plus water), this Fireball cherry jello shots recipe is a tasty shooter with a delicious cinnamon flavor that will add a kick to any adult party. I love serving jello shots for parties. Especially when they … Read More

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