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How To Make a Pull Down Picture

In last week’s post about hiding clutter on shelves, I promised I would do a tutorial on how to make a pull down picture, so here it is! It’s a really easy way to cover one or two shelves on a … Read More
bedroom with blue and white lattice panels on the wall and blue and white toile bedding

Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Do you want your bedroom to feel tranquil and serene? Then decorating it in blue may be the answer. It has a calming influence that may even help you sleep better. And these blue bedroom decor ideas will give you … Read More

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A collection of pink, white, yellow, green and orange Mums

How To Plant and Grow Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a beautiful flower that is perfect for fall. They are easy to care for and come in many different colors and shapes, which makes them great for any garden design. We’ve put together our best tips on how … Read More
columbines and alliums blooming in a spring garden with a picket fence

Year Round Flower Garden Tour

When you’re planning a garden, it can be hard to make it interesting during all four seasons. This small city yard has had all of the grass replaced with flowers, and will give you lots of inspiration for creating a … Read More

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Our Most Popular Gardening Ideas

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Witches party theme decor with witch hats and broomsticks

The Best Halloween Party Themes For Adults

Planning a Halloween party is hard work. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start! Which is where picking a theme comes in handy. And with our list of the best Halloween party themes for … Read More
A football and two beer bottles in referee koozies on a football field tray

Super Bowl Football Party Ideas For Adults

My annual super bowl party is always the biggest event that I host. And it seems like I get more and more guests every year. So I’m always coming up with new decorating ideas that don’t take a lot of … Read More

20+ Harry Potter Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

If you’re hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party, you’ll need some props to help set the scene. Here you’ll find all kinds of Harry Potter party ideas for decorations, printables, table settings and food that will turn your living room … Read More


Spooky blackberry Halloween sangria made with red wine

Spooky Blackberry Halloween Sangria With Red Wine

This spooky blackberry Halloween sangria recipe is made with red wine, triple sec and blackberry brandy along with fresh fruit. And it has a ghostly garnish that makes it perfect for a Halloween party. Sangria is one of my favorite … Read More

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