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off white sofa with pale pink accessories in front of a neutral colored wall

The Most Popular Neutral Paint Colors

If you’re looking for the best white, gray, beige or greige paint color to use on your walls, you’ve come to the right place! We asked bloggers what they used in their homes and came up with this list of … Read More

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modern gravel garden edging with round concrete balls down the middle

20 Garden Edging Ideas for Flower Beds

If you’re tired of grass growing into your flower beds, or mulch washing onto your patio, then you’ve come to the right place. These garden edging ideas are made from many different materials, available in many price ranges and require … Read More
slugs on a cabbage plant with lots of holes in the leaves

How To Get Rid of Slugs In the Garden

Don’t you just hate it when you walk outside to enjoy your garden only to see that your favorite plants have holes all over the leaves? Chances are you have a slug (or snail) problem. They’re one of the most … Read More
long-lived perennials - oriental poppy

20 Of The Longest-Lived Perennials For Your Garden

When you plant perennials instead of annuals, you get to enjoy the splendor of your garden for many years to come! Carefully choose some of these long-lived perennials, and you will have a full garden of low-maintenance plants year after … Read More

Our Most Popular Decorating Ideas

Our Most Popular Gardening Ideas

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A football and two beer bottles in referee koozies on a football field tray

Super Bowl Football Party Ideas For Adults

My annual super bowl party is always the biggest event that I host. And it seems like I get more and more guests every year. So I’m always coming up with new decorating ideas that don’t take a lot of … Read More

20+ Harry Potter Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

If you’re hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party, you’ll need some props to help set the scene. Here you’ll find all kinds of Harry Potter party ideas for decorations, printables, table settings and food that will turn your living room … Read More
DIY spray painted gold-stemmed coupe glass with champagne in it

Easy Painted Gold-Stemmed Wine Glasses

A little spray paint and inexpensive dollar store glasses are all you need to make these painted gold-stemmed wine glasses. They’re perfect for parties where you need a lot of stemware but don’t want to spend a lot of money. … Read More


Strawberry kiwi sangria, triple berry rose sangria and berries and lime sangria recipes

15 Of The Best Summer Sangria Recipes

Beat the heat this summer with a fresh pitcher of sangria! Typically made with various types of wines and fresh fruits plus a little brandy or rum, sangria makes a refreshing summer drink perfect for sipping by the pool, at … Read More
halloween cupcakes

15 Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Whether you need a dessert for a spooky party, are starting a fun new tradition with your family, or are just looking to get into the Halloween spirit this year, there’s a perfect cupcake recipe for you. From ghosts and … Read More

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