How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger: 11 Small Space Decorating Ideas

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If you have small rooms in your house or apartment, you know it can be tricky to make them feel comfortable and not crowded. These tips to make a small room look bigger will make it feel like you have more space than you do.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger
How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

I love looking at interior design magazines, stores, blogs, show houses and pretty much anywhere else I can get design ideas.  The one issue I have with most of the beautiful rooms they show…they are all at least twice the size of any room in my house.

Over the years of trying to design my own (much smaller than designer) rooms, I have come up with some tips that I follow to make a small room look bigger.  I used a lot of them in my Den/Library makeover (a 10′ x 10′ room)…and I thought these might be useful for some of you as well…

Keep reading to find out how to make a small room look bigger.

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11 Responses

  • I’m going to moving into a 1,100 apartment and love the cozy with light colors look with sage decor accents.
    Can you give me any ideas on very comfortable couch color and fabrics?

    • Hi Lyn…without knowing your design style and room requirements, it’s a little hard to make suggestions. I can tell you how I choose. Because I have cats, I like to use fabrics that don’t pull, like velvet and microsuede. They’re also very comfortable to sit on. For the color, I suggest going one of two ways – 1. get a neutral color that goes with everything (eg. white, cream, grey, black) or 2. if you have a favorite color that you love to decorate with (and you know you won’t get sick of), you could also go with that. Hope that helps!

    • I like very cozy decor, shag rug,cozy couch,you know the room where you walk in and you think, wow this is so ‘homey’! I love some farmhouse decor but not pics of horses.
      I love the color shag and/ or “shabby chic” but not wanting a real light color couch, as have 3 under age 3, grandkids!!

  • I believe the smaller the room the lighter the colors should be. A pastel colors or white , tan, just light colors open up a room & also gives it a clean fresh look. Then add decor with darker colors.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Kim! Light colors and pastels often give a room an airy look which can help to make it feel bigger, so it’s definitely a good option for a small space.

  • This is the best blog I’ve seen so far on how to maximize a small space! Every other blog just talks about paint and mirrors. Some of your tips are inexpensive and easy to to incorporate. Thanks!!!

  • I live in a small Cape Cod, 1200 Sq. Ft home. One of the things I do to fool the eye into believing our house is bigger than it is, is to keep the amount of furniture to a bare minimum and not too big. If it’s over stuffed or has too many details, like prints on the upholstery it can make a small space appear smaller than what it is. Use things like throw pillows with different textures and patterns to lend interest to a room. I also like the idea of “bare” spaces.

    • Hi Mary. I agree…leaving some space and not overwhelming the room with too many details will help make it feel larger. Thanks for the great tips!

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